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Hari Talvar green tea, a select tea

Hari Talvar green tea

A new variety
The world of tea is constantly renewed presenting different varieties of tea, new aromas and flavors, Such is the case of Hari talbar green tea from India. Discover how this mysterious tea …

Once again the world of tea surprises us with a new variety of tea: the Hari talbar. It is an organic tea produced in the hills of Nilgiri, in the south of India.

Its cultivation takes many care and takes place at an altitude of 6500 meters.

These plantations, in addition, have to be certified as organic, they also have to be regulated under the RFA program.

Being an organic tea, the total absence of chemicals, such as pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, is assured. This work policy is achieved, among other things, to conserve soil fertility and natural biological activity.

In addition, we try to work in a sustainable environment in the long term, minimizing the use of non-renewable natural resources. But, as a counterpart, so much care has an extra cost: it is an economically expensive tea.

The Hari Talbar is a variety of green tea. The leaves of Camelia sinensis, destined for the elaboration of this tea, are of the highest quality and are scrupulously selected.

They have been carefully harvested from organic tea plantations and processed into a custom manufacturing line that is the result of decades of premium quality tea making experience.

The output of these teas from the establishment where they are grown, is totally different from that of the common teas.

In other words, it can be said that this tea simply does not conform to a standard classification system. The establishment or factory that produces and produces them has decided to innovate up to that point.

The vernacular language has been used to name this tea, following the Chinese system, characterized by using names that describe in some way the physical appearance of the leaves with which it was made.

For this reason, Hari talvar, is also called ¨spada verde¨. Alluding to the shape of the leaves and buds after maceration. They look like little swords.

How can you prepare a good tea Hari talbar

So that you can obtain optimal results when tasting this exquisite green tea, it is convenient that you follow the following indications:

Use a gram and a half of leaves to make a cup of tea, is the equivalent of 2 teaspoons.
Pour water that has almost come to boil, more precisely at 90 degrees on the leaves.
Let it soak for 3 minutes.
Where can you buy it?

Surely, you can find it in specialized tea shops.

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