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Warnings of liver overload in rodents

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How much green tea supplement to take without damaging your liver
Many people consume green tea supplements without taking into account that they could generate a liver overload. At least, that is what emerges from the research conducted in the United States on this subject.

Green tea supplements have become very popular. These are, basically, a concentrate of the epigallocatequin galate (much more known as EGCG), the main antioxidants of this drink and the main responsible for its good effects. But, the question is: is it healthy to consume so many supplements?

According to research conducted by Penn State University and led by Josh Lambert, caution should be exercised with these supplements, at least putting the body in a state of prior preparation, so as not to damage the liver.

Following the words of the researchers, everything started from the hypothesis that an excess of green tea supplements could generate an overload on the liver area.

To demonstrate this, laboratory rodents were divided into two groups. One, who received a diet with a small amount of green tea supplementation and another, who had a normal diet. At two weeks, both groups were taken to a normal dose of the supplement.

And the hypothesis they had at Penn State was pretty accurate at the end: those who had a kind of pre-preparation with the green tea supplement, suffered up to 75 percent less liver toxicity.

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And, do not have the slightest doubt: the best way to enjoy the properties of green tea, whether to lose weight as for any other of its benefits, is to prepare the tea and drink it as you usually do.

Although this test has been performed in rodents, do not hesitate to take precaution when taking supplements of this kind. Do it with a previous preparation, taking a lower dose at the beginning or simply getting used to consuming Premium Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea in advance, a matter of not taking the liver by surprise. And so, everything will go much better for you and for an organism so important for your body.

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