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Green tea would be good for the eyes

A new one for green tea: it would do well to the eyes
Can we continue to add great properties for green tea? It seems that if. According to research recently conducted in China, this millenary drink would be good to fight against glaucoma and other vision problems.

If green tea continues adding properties in your favor, there will be no doubt that it is a drink without any rival in terms of the health benefits it can provide. Is that, in addition to all known, now would add another: green tea would be good for the eye.

According to a study carried out in China and published recently in the journal of the American Chemical Society of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, the catechins -mainly active principles of green tea and that grant antioxidant power- would reach the ocular tissues after being absorbed in the tract intestinal.

How was the investigation conducted?

During the investigation, Dr. Pui Chi Pang, of the University of Hong Kong, and his colleagues, gave green tea extract extract to laboratory rats and then analyzed their eye tissues.

What were the results obtained?

The results showed that different parts of the eye had absorbed different amounts of catechins. The area with the highest concentration of catechins was the retina, which is the light-sensitive tissue that lines the back of the eye. The area with the least absorption of the catechins was the cornea, which is the transparent, outer layer of the eye.

The study also showed that the antioxidant activity lasted up to 20 hours after the green tea extract was given to drink.
In this way, the antioxidant power of this drink could be beneficial against glaucoma and other eye problems that lead to tissue degeneration.

However, medical researcher Kai En Chu of the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and his colleagues say that their findings suggest that the consumption of green tea could offer great protection to the eyes. But what other studies, however, will be necessary to perform to confirm the protective effect of this healing beverage.

You know, if you need to treat an eye disease, green tea can be an excellent ally when it comes to fighting any harm they suffer. Needless to say that it is also advisable to go to an ophthalmologist to guide you about it.

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