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Green tea-based cosmetics

properties of green tea

A caress for the skin
Much is known about the properties of green tea in favor of the health of the human body, but perhaps there is little knowledge of its benefits in beauty. Discover in this article what green tea can do for your skin.

It is popular knowledge that green tea is a beverage that provides multiple health benefits. What little by little is being discovered is all that this nutritious and curative drink can do for the skin. Such a dimension has taken the case that natural cosmetics companies are adding green tea to their products to improve their effects.

Medical studies have shown the healing benefits that green tea can bring to different skin conditions.

What skin conditions can you treat with green tea?

The alergies
The acne
Premature aging
Fight baldness
Increase hair growth
What are the properties with which green tea helps the skin?

It is anti-inflammatory: that’s why it can help relieve rashes due to allergies, psoriasis and rosacea.
It is antihistaminic: it can help you eliminate the symptoms of allergies.
It is astringent: it removes the excess oiliness of your skin helping you to fight acne.
It is analgesic: in case of sunburn, it will relieve you and remove excess heat from the skin.
It is antioxidant: it protects you from ultraviolet rays and its skin aging effect.

What are the green tea-based products that can cure your skin?

It is a line of products that is in full expansion, every day there is a greater variety of products on the market.

You can find:

Hydrating creams
Water spray
Anti-aging creams
Moisturizing lotions
Toilet soaps
Shower gels

What do you have to take into account when buying a cosmetic product based on green tea?

When choosing a personal hygiene or beauty product based on green tea it is necessary to take into account certain tips:

Look closely at the ingredients, in what position green tea appears: the further away from the start you find the lower your concentration will be.
The best thing is that the ingredients show “green tea extract” or, better yet, “EGCG catechins”. A medical study carried out in 2003 by Stephen Hsu has given results that from 50 to 100 mgr of EGCG are enough to rejuvenate skin cells.
If the label says “green tea fragrance” do not bother buying it because they are synthetic chemicals.
Are there medical studies that test the properties of green tea with the skin?

During 2003, at the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of São Paulo in Brazil, a study was conducted on the use of green tea extract in cosmetic products. In this study 24 volunteers were subjected to the application of a cream with green tea extract, for 30 days in the forearm area and the volunteers were evaluated 2 hours before the application and 2 hours later. The results were convincing: the texture of the skin became more uniform, smooth and hydrated.

Now you know what to do if you decide to buy a product based on Nonpareil Te Gong Huang Shan Mao Feng Green Tea: always pay attention to the ingredients. In this way you can benefit from the properties of green tea inside and out. It is always advisable to consult a dermatologist when you want to use a new cosmetic, to guide you about it.

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