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7 Ideas to drink green tea in the summer

7 Ideas to drink green tea

Cold green tea, a summer genius
Do you want to consume a lot of green tea during this hot season? Well, it’s not a bad idea, much less. This tea is very cold. And here we will give you no more or less than 7 ideas so you can take it fresh, but without getting bored or doing it in the same way.

Are you thinking about taking green tea during the summer but in a different way? Do you want to enjoy it cold? It’s a wonderful idea, of course. And it does not even have to be liquid. You will see in this article no less than 7 ideas of how to drink green tea during a hot season, so that you enjoy it in pleasant company and that you do not always have to drink it in the same way.

Enjoy some of these 7 great ideas to consume your cold tea throughout the summer:

Cold green tea and tropical: A great and healthy version, with lemon, but also with pineapple and mango, two wonderful fruits that serve to nourish your body and also to give a lot of summer flavor to this drink, ideal for the afternoons.
Frapuccino green tea: Would you like to try a classic frapuccino but green tea? Follow the recipe that is proposed in the link and you will have the possibility to prepare one in your own home.

Green tea ice cream: This is more of a dessert than a mere iced green tea. But what better than to have a green tea ice cream in summer? You can even surprise the family with this after-dinner recipe.

Green tea and watermelon smoothie: A summer and refreshing mix where you look, which will be perfect for those who have fluid retention and similar problems. Do not stop trying!

Green tea with passion fruit: The passion fruit and the green infusion are going to take a finger in this excellent preparation. It is perfect for those who like the citrus, acid and perfumed flavor of passion fruit. A summer option that, believe me, does not fail.

Green Tea Lemonade: Instead of making the classic lemonade, make it with green tea. Here is a good recipe: prepare a liter of green tea and add lemongrass (lemon grass). Squeeze the juice of three lemons, grate a good spoonful of ginger and finish with a good slice of mint. Allow to cool and consume, sweetening to taste.

Green tea with cinnamon: The mixture of the classic infusion with cinnamon is great, especially when consumed fresh. It also has a touch of lemon. It is perfect drink to prepare in a jar and have it in the refrigerator on those heavy days.

Go ahead and enjoy the Premium Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea in a different way in which you do it every day! The heat lends itself to this, so do not miss the opportunity to use these recipes.

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