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Are commercial beverages of green tea with citrus fruits recommended?

green tea with citrus

Canned green tea with lemon? No thanks
It is very common that green tea is sold already prepared in citrus format, with supposed additional properties. But is this as well as it is promoted? Maybe not as much as it seems. For that reason, do not miss this note to find out much more about it.

Green tea is an excellent drink, with really dazzling properties, ranging from weight loss, to the usual load of antioxidants that will give you the fact of consuming it habitually. But does it help to take it in its commercial format mixed with citrus?

Packaging, there are no doubts. Not everyone can prepare their own tea and prefer to drink it directly from a can of soda that is sold at any store. Still, will your properties be intact?

Green tea with citrus is never bad

There is no problem in mixing green tea with lemon or other citrus. In fact, the vitamin C of these fruits would help increase the absorption capacity of the numerous antioxidants that green tea has in its possession, which is no small thing. And even reduce the chances of you suffering cancer up to 17 percent, according to a Japanese study.

Is it convenient to drink green tea with packed lemon?

Everything makes you believe that it is not convenient at all. Why? In the first place, because it is an industrialized drink, against which you can prepare in your own home, with completely natural elements and of which you know the origin, without added sugar, or anything like that.

Secondly, because a study carried out in China seems to state that bottled green tea beverages lose their catechins (antioxidants) in the process of industrialization, at least in a percentage. Two excellent reasons to prefer your own green tea with citrus.

How to prepare a green tea with citrus fruits at home?

Very easy. Heat half a liter of water at 75 degrees centigrade. Once it is ready, add a spoonful of green tea, let stand two or three minutes, strain and add the juice of half a lemon (and your skin). If you wish, also incorporate a non-artificial sweetener (whole sugar, molasses, maple syrup, stevia, etc.). Also try some of these recipes.

So, you’ll have your own Xin Yang Mao Jian Green Tea citrus drink without any additives other than what you put in your own home. Never use refined white sugar, which will not give you anything good. And do not forget to see these 5 reasons not to drink bottled tea. Perfect to get close to nature and enjoy green tea with citrus as it should be!

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