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Cereal, the next goal of green tea?


Green tea, in any format, seems to be a big business
Green tea is at its peak of popularity. It is everywhere, but it could be in more. For marketing experts, breakfast and, more precisely, the cereal market could be the next point where the goal of bringing this drink would be set.

Green tea today could be said to be at its peak of popularity, there is no doubt. It is that this drink has so many properties in its favor and, in addition, enjoys such a good reputation that any company that has set eyes on it will try to weave a product with this noble infusion.

Chocolate, beverages, cookies, beauty products and even detergents with green tea can be found in a quick visit to a supermarket. But now a new product that has just been released for sale relatively recently, seems to point to what is the next step.

It is a cereal with green tea, which was launched in October 2013 in South Africa and is named Herbex, promulgating that it is a breakfast product, which mixes green tea, garcinia cambogia and the mentioned cereal. A combination that can come to be repeated continuously.

Everything has to have green tea

A cereal with green tea would have the market logic of going to the niche of the natural, of co-opting those consumers who want to have everything as healthy as possible at their tables. The natural today sells and, although many products that promote it are not healthy, they are commercial objects in full demand.

We have to ask ourselves several questions as a result of the emergence of this class of products: Do they have sugar? What kind of cereal is it? How much fiber does it give me? Does the amount of Nonpareil Te Gong Huang Shan Mao Feng Green Tea I can consume through it contribute anything positive? The most important question of all may also arise: Should I not consume whole grain on one side and rich green tea on the other?

Going directly to manufactured products that promise gold and moro may be the most comfortable solution. But not always the most effective, nor the most natural, much less the healthiest you can find out there.

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