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Do you need energy? Try green tea, lemon and ginseng

lemon and ginseng

An infallible combination to have a plus of vitality
Is winter leaving you exhausted and lacking in energy? Do you need an extra dose of natural vigor? Well then you have fallen in the right place. This recipe for green tea, lemon, ginseng and a touch of honey is perfect for this season.

Without a doubt, black tea or red tea can be a great option for lower temperatures. Why? Because they are darker, heavier, have more caffeine and can also give you an aroma and flavor more in keeping with this winter season. But, in no way does this mean that you have to put aside the huge green tea, which throughout the year is in good health.

An interesting preparation for all those who want to enjoy green tea, but with an extra energy to combat the winter, is what you can find in this recipe. In addition to this infusion, there is a touch of honey, lemon and ginseng. It is ideal to be well charged with vitality and also help the defenses are up. Are you going to stop following this rich recipe?


  • A liter of water
  • Two tablespoons (or three) of good green tea
  • A teaspoon of powdered ginseng
  • The juice of two limes or a lemon
  • Honey or molasses


Put to heat the liter of water without it coming to boil, about 80 degrees Celsius.
Place the green tea in the teapot. Add the water, let stand about three minutes and then add the ginseng and lemon juice. If you feel like it, some strips or segments of the fruit will also go well.
Cover, let stand a few more minutes and then serve, very hot, with a little honey or molasses, but already in the cup.
Enjoy this drink throughout the day, cold, warm or hot, preferably in winter.

What properties does this great prepared give you?

On the one hand, the Mo Li Piao Xue Jasmine Green Tea not only has caffeine and will give you vitality, but it will fill you with antioxidants and will give a plus of stability to your immune system, something fundamental in an era such as winter. Lemon also helps with this mission and with its vitamin C, it is also anti-bacterial and anti-septic.

Ginseng, as you well know, is a natural level energizer, which will come in handy for those days when it’s hard for you to start. For its part, honey gives you energy, good health and properties for your respiratory system. Of course, the molasses will bring you good similar questions, but being of natural origin and a derivative of the cane.

Attention! This drink may not be entirely suitable for people suffering from hypertension or who have sensitivity to caffeine or ginseng. For that reason, refrain from taking it or simply consult with your bedside specialist to authorize them to take it.

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  1. gave these as a gift a few years ago and I bought this set for myself and I LOVE IT. The teas are very tasty snd fragrant.

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