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Does green tea lose its properties by adding sugar?

green tea lose its properties

A question that surely you once did
Many people are afraid to use sugar because they think it may generate some “conflict” in the tea at the property level. But this does not seem to be so serious, although it is generally recommended to take green tea without sugar. Do not stop reading this note to learn more about it!

Do you have many doubts about sweetening the green tea you usually drink? Are you afraid to use sugar or other elements? Well then you just have to read this note and remove any questions you have about it.

With what can green tea be sweetened?
First of all, you should bear in mind that the best thing is to use natural products, not refined and with properties that go beyond the mere fact of sweetening the tea.

Therefore, more than valid options are whole sugar (if organic, better), stevia, maple syrup, molasses (especially dark), agave syrup and any other product of these characteristics.

Is green tea harmed by adding sugar?
According to a study conducted at the University of Purdue, United States, not only that green tea would not be affected by the addition of sugar, but also combined with lemon juice, this combination would help to better absorb the nutrients it has this magical infusion.

Anyway, you have to take into account several things. For starters, refined white sugar does not help at all and only adds hollow calories. Sugar gets fat, is not good for diabetics, is addictive and, if that were not enough, it will alter the organoleptic characteristics that such a great drink has.

Beyond the issues of health and property, there is also a bit of an ethical issue when adding sugar to Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea. The one who is purist of the drink, will never approach a spoonful of said substance, since for him, the tea is like that, as it comes, without the need to add anything. And, for those who write, a good part of the reason are those who think so.

Tea with honey … can you?
Of course, you can use tea with honey without any problems. Moreover, some sources agree that the effects of tea can be enhanced.

It can even be a great combination to fight a sore throat during the winter.

When to sweeten it and when not?

The decision is for you. If you are a purist and want to take the tea in its proper measure, as it is, do not put anything.

If you want to sweeten, but without calories because you are on a diet, use stevia. If you have no problem with anything, try the options outlined above. The agave, for example, is great. It’s a matter of using what you feel most comfortable with!

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