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Dragon pearls, a seductive variety of green tea

Dragon pearls, a Chinese tea that is rolled manually
Have you ever seen the beautiful dragon pearls? This variety of green tea is rolled manually and selected with great care. The final result you can see in your cup. Do not miss to know more about this delicious flavored tea native to China!

Have you ever heard, tasted or at least seen some curious green tea pearls that are often sold in stores and websites? Well, you have probably seen a variety that is known as dragon pearls or dragon pearls. What are these little spheres so seductive and attractive? Neither more nor less than a green tea of ​​the highest quality, but that is not alone, far from it. Read the rest of the note and find out in depth.

How is it obtained?

It is a green tea from which its upper leaves have been selected and, in addition, its shoots. Moreover, on many occasions, you can even see small villi, as with a kind of fluff, which indicates its full freshness. These leaves are rolled manually, generating these pearls delicately handcrafted. But here the thing does not end, since the leaves receive an aromatization of jasmine, which ends up giving them a fragrant, sophisticated and clearly seductive air.

Anyway, do not confuse the dragon pearls with the typical jasmine tea, which sometimes has a blend with green tea or other varieties of tea, but does not face the same process of manufacturing, nor a selection process as carefully and exhaustively as these pearls usually have, which are clearly a high-end product.

What characteristics of flavor, aroma and color does it have?

The flavor is that of a completely delicate green tea, with a mild and just astrigence. Its aromas are purely floral, with the almost narcotic presence of jasmine conquering the landscape. Its coloration is opaque, with that transparency that a tea of ​​these characteristics must have.
How do you prepare?

With a little more heat than for a normal Award Winning Superfine Jasmine Downy Dragon Pearls Green Tea. If some green can be prepared at 75 ° C and a couple of minutes of infusion, some dragon pearls will need about 3 minutes and about 80-85 ° water temperature. It is a spectacle to see how the pearls are opening slowly as the infusion is making sense.

For what moment is it indicated?

It is a perfect tea for when you want something special, relaxing. It can be ideal to put a soft jazz record, light a rich incense, have the cup in your hands and let your senses flow. When you want a break in the day, when you need a little pampering, there you will have a good opportunity to have at your disposal this delicious and delicate dragon pearl tea. At the end of the day, another great Chinese success in the matter of teas. And they go…

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