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Green tea and flaxseed: A possible mixture?

Green tea and flaxseed

Two elements that can give you extra help to lose weight
Have you ever wondered if you can consume green tea and flaxseed together? Well, everything seems to indicate that not only would there be no problem in doing so, but even this mixture could be beneficial for the organism, especially if you are looking for extra help to lose weight.

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you mixed green tea and flax seeds to prepare a potentially slimming mix? Well, not only does it not seem like a bad thing, but even the mix could be encouraging. At the moment, there is nothing that certifies that the union of both is bad, far from it. For that reason, it is well worth considering.

This mix can give you an additional help to your diet reduced in calories and with physical exercise. Is that, on the one hand, you have green tea, which is a great thermogenesis agent, is diuretic and antioxidant. On the other, you have flaxseed, which has a lot of fiber, gives a feeling of fullness, also produces well-being and is considered one of the best cereals to lose weight.

Together, then, you would add what each of them lacks. Green tea is good at burning fat, but it does not have fibers. Flaxseed is good at giving you fiber and satiety, but it lacks the burner effect that green tea does. For that reason, this combination should not stop being tested.

Of course, you should not expect this union to work miracles, far from it. It will help you to cleanse your body, to purify it, to be healthier, with less liquid retained. You will feel more satisfied, you will have greater availability of omega 3 and you will be consuming a drink that is also antioxidant. All this is not little, but neither is everything: without diets or exercise, there is no plan worth.

A good recipe to incorporate green tea and flaxseed to your diet:

Prepare two cups of a rich green tea, something strong. Add a tablespoon of ground flax seeds and the juice of a lemon. Mix well, let stand for an hour and you will be ready to consume. This is a good idea to incorporate both ingredients and, in addition, a touch of lemon, which never hurts, as you can see in the preparation of this video:

If you are going to simply consume Bi Luo Chun Green Tea (Pi Lo Chun) with flax, together or separately, you should always bear in mind that flaxseed should preferably be ground. It is so digested much more easily and also help you to more easily release their beneficial fatty acids and fibers.

If you are going to take them together, take your time for the seeds to activate. How is this? Join the ready green tea and flax seeds. Wait, minimum, half an hour and there you can consume this preparation. It is that this helps the flax to release its mucilage.

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