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Green tea for psoriasis


How does it help?
Again the green tea returns to surprise us, with a new benefit for the health. Now it could become an effective treatment for psoriasis. Discover in this article what it is about.

The benefits of green tea to health are already popular, but day by day doctors and scientists continue to discover new properties of this wonderful beverage.

A study conducted at the Medical College of Georgia in the United States, has shown that green tea has great potential to become an effective treatment in the fight against diseases that damage the skin, such as psoriasis.

How does green tea help in psoriasis?

According to Dr. Stephen Hsu, who was in charge of this study, green tea would help to reduce inflammation of the skin by regulating the expression of caspase-14. This is a protein located in the genes, which regulates the life cycle of a skin cell, causing it to die and not multiply messily, causing skin lesions.

In psoriasis, the cells of the immune system that normally protect from infections work incorrectly, producing the release of cytokine (a protein that regulates the growth of cells of the immune system) in excess, causing inflammation of the skin and overproduction. of cells of it.

It should be remembered that in psoriasis the autoimmune system causes the skin to thicken, because the growth of skin cells is out of control.

What did the study consist of?

The study was conducted in animals suffering from psoriasis and dandruff. It gave positive results, since the animals that were treated with green tea showed a lower growth of the skin cells and the presence of a gene that regulates the life cycles of the cells.

Why is this study important?

This research is important because some treatments for psoriasis and dandruff can have dangerous side effects. According to Dr. Stephen Hsu, “the traditional treatment of ultraviolet light and medication, on the one hand, can control the lesions, but if used in the long term, it can cause skin cancer.” In the same way, some of the anti-dandruff shampoos also They can have adverse effects if they are used frequently and for a long time. ”

Green tea raised many expectations about its beneficial action to help in the treatment of psoriasis, but more studies are still needed to delve into this theory. Scientists are studying how to make the active principles of green tea that make it so beneficial to health do not oxidize so easily. They are looking for a balanced formula by which they can dissolve in fats and thus favor penetration into the skin.

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