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Green tea would reduce the effect of a drug against hypertension


If you already knew that hypertensives should not consume green tea, those who are medicated with a drug called nadolol, even less. Is that, according to a recent study, the effectiveness of this medication would drastically decrease in those who drink this tea.

It was already common knowledge that the consumption of green tea among those suffering from hypertension is not something that is precisely welcome. It is that the content of caffeine that has this infusion, although it is low, does not stop being harmful for those with high pressure, because it is a stimulant alkaloid that does not have a good effect on it. But, thanks to what was determined by a recent study conducted among several research centers, now it could become worse.

According to research conducted between Germany, Japan and Italy, the consumption of green tea could be harmful for all those hypertensive who are medicated with a drug called nadolol, extremely popular among those suffering from high blood pressure.

This research divided the volunteers, consumers of 30 milligrams of nadolol, into two groups. One, I would only consume water. The other, would add at least three cups of green tea daily. The result was surprising: those who took the infusion suffered a decrease of up to 76 percent of the level of this drug in blood, something really to take into account.

If it was already unfit, now it would be less

“Those individuals who take nadolol and also consume green tea, should be aware of the potential interaction of this medicine with the infusion and consult it with their bedside specialist,” said Dr. Gregg Fonarow, who reviewed the research and is the spokesman for the American Heart Association.

So if you suffer from hypertension, consume nadolol and continue to consume green tea, you should start to consider quitting. In itself, as mentioned above, green tea is not a positive drink for those who suffer from high blood pressure, so it is better to think of other alternatives without caffeine, such as Lu Shan Yun Wu Green Tea, without going any further.

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