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How to prepare a perfect matcha tea

perfect matcha tea

The steps needed to make a great green tea powder
Do you like matcha powder green tea? Would you like to learn how to prepare it? Well then you just have to follow the instructions that will be given in this note, where you will know how to prepare a perfect one without problems.

Would you like to take a great matcha powder green tea in your own home? It is not complicated, far from it. You just have to have a good matcha on hand and also a little dedication to have it at your table. Do not miss these tips!

As simple as this is to prepare a perfect matcha tea:

First take a fine sieve to sift the spoonful of matcha green tea that you are going to use in your preparation. Strain it finely so that any type of impurity is eliminated. Do it directly on the cup or container where you are going to drink it.
Add, later, hot water. That does not exceed 80 ° centigrade. Do not forget that it is a green tea and that high temperatures are not going to come very well.
Using the typical brush that is used for this type of preparations, beat it or mix it until it is perfectly integrated. It will not be the same, but a conventional hand-held beater can serve.

Your matcha tea will be ready to be consumed.

Have you already learned how to prepare a great matcha green tea? Now you just have to get it, prepare it and, of course, enjoy it. Do not miss it!

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