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Now green tea also comes with vitamin C

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Are you familiar with the typical vitamin C supplements that come in pills? Well, they are not usually as healthy as they seem. For that reason, a North American company decided to prepare these supplements, but completely natural and with green tea as a base.

Are you one of those who drink these effervescent vitamin C tablets with flavors every day? Well, although for years they have been indispensable in many homes, today they do not enjoy such popularity. Why? They have more vitamin than the body is able to absorb and, in addition, their sugar content is usually high, something unreasonable in a supplement that pretends to be healthy.

“So, if so many people consume these types of supplements … why not give them a healthy option?” That seemed to be the line of thought of the American company Sencha Naturals, who has just launched a novel product on the market: a supplement of vitamin C, but made in a completely natural way and with the backing of green tea as sustenance.

The base of this supplement are sencha green tea and matcha, both of organic origin. They add acerola, a very rich fruit in vitamin C (and in amounts assimilable by the body). Coconut powder water is added to the mix and also a herbal blend typical of India such as ginger, turmeric and orange peel. The idea is to give the body not only vitamin C and nothing else to the body, but a positive amalgam of factors.

The combination, which is completely natural, sugar free, suitable for vegans and free of genetically modified products is achieved in three different flavors and aims to cover a niche market appealing to both green tea lovers and the natural in general.

A North American company commercializes it in replacement of the supplements

Further. Due to recent studies, it is believed that the mixture of vitamin C and Organic Superfine Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea could enhance the effects of both, as would happen in the case of tea with lemon. Moreover, the powerful EGCG of green tea would gain in strength, thus generating an antioxidant effect more than interesting, in addition to the properties that have the other ingredients that make up the supplement in question.

The same, you still have to try it and see the effect it generates on the organism, because the description of the products you have may sound very nice, but then be a simple advertising trick. And you can even encourage yourself to prepare it at home, getting those ingredients. But, in an industry that increasingly targets products full of chemicals and meet “needs” invented, it is worth applauding initiatives such as this company, which is inclined to a 100 percent natural and organic product.

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