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Smoothies with green tea at breakfast? Something completely possible


Start the day with a green tea, but in another way
Drinking green tea in shakes format is completely possible and you can solve the breakfast on more than one occasion. The idea is to combine the drink, either prepared in advance or using matcha, with certain fruits. Read the note and know four interesting recipes.

Do you want to enjoy a rich green tea from the first hour of the day in a different way? Well it will not be a problem if you follow these tips to prepare a good smoothie with this infusion since morning. In this note you will be able to read four interesting options (two with green tea, two with matcha powder) to start up.

4 Interesting options for taking green tea in your breakfast:

Green tea and melon: A fabulous combination, as it is extremely diuretic and is perfect to fill with antioxidants and also refreshing flavor. It is an effective and quasi-natural combination, because the flavors will not annul each other in any way.

Green tea and passion fruit: Prepare a soft green tea and mix it in a blender with juice and passion fruit pulp. If you find it too acidic, you can add a little orange juice. You will have a light shake, with little body, but a lot of flavor and perfect even for breakfast, since it can come very well for the heat of the afternoon.

Matcha green tea and peaches: Squeeze the juice of two oranges, place two peaches in the glass of the blender and a good spoon of matcha. Beat with a little ice and enjoy this succulent and delicious smoothie, ideal for the mornings, as it is very satisfying.

Matcha green tea and red berries: Do you want an authentic pump of antioxidants? Place half a cup of strawberries, half of blueberries, a cup of water and a spoonful of matcha in the blender jar. Process and then drink this delight at breakfast, a matter of going receiving this “fire” from the very moment of the morning.

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