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Does green tea affect sexual desire?

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Libido: Favored or harmed by green tea?

  • Green tea is one of the most popular infusions in the world thanks to its flavor and properties. But does sexual desire favorably influence or damage the libido? In this article you will know much more about this question that many people do.
  • In a comment you can see in the article on the 25 properties of green tea, a user raised the possibility that green tea could cause a drop in sexual desire. Interesting question if there are about a drink as consumed and valued as it is this infusion in question. Because there is always talk of their properties, but this could become a contraindication.
  • If you are a habitual consumer of green tea and you have felt “strange” sexually, either positively or negatively, when consuming green tea, this article will interest you. It is that you will see what factors could come to play for or against the stimulus of libido and sexual performance.

How could green tea affect performance and sexual desire?

  1. On the one hand, there are versions that say that caffeine, being a vasoconstrictor, could act a little negatively when it comes to generating more powerful erections. This, perhaps, is one of the few things that you can find green tea when it comes to affect sexual desire. But, on the other hand, it is also true that the levels of caffeine that this infusion has is not by chance as intense as that which can have a cup of coffee.
  2. But, on the other hand, studies done at the Southwestern University in Georgetown (United States), showed that the consumption of caffeine in some women increased their libido. That is, it went hand in hand with the desire to have sex. Reason why, seeing both sides of the information, it could be said that this item could affect men a little, but not women.

L-theanine, the amino acid that would increase libido

  • Without any doubt, the most interesting thing that green tea has is that it has a substance that can be very positive to promote sexual desire. It is L-theanine, an amino acid that has the gift of fighting stress, since it favors the increase of dopamine levels (considered a natural antidepressant). Precisely, this last hormone is usually related to the increase of libido.
  • In any case, this does not seem conclusive in any case. There is nothing that allows to affirm or to deny to rajatabla that the consumption of Mo Li Piao Xue Jasmine Green Tea can affect the desire or the sexual performance. This is how we will have to wait for stronger investigations in this regard. Or trust in one’s own experience in this regard. 🙂

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