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Green Tea and Its Effect on Memory

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Green tea also influences the brain
All the time you can add some new ones. In this case, it refers to the capacity that this drink would have to help memory and spatial location.

Maybe they are not so many, but that they are getting more and more and that it seems to have no ceiling, that’s why there are no doubts. One of the benefits that can have a good scientific support from behind would be to improve memory and spatial location. At least, that’s what a study in China says and encourages this property of this millenary drink. Do not hesitate to learn more about the subject by reading what comes next.

How does green tea help memory?
According to a study conducted at the University of Chongqing (China), green tea could be very beneficial for memory and spatial location. Following what they did in this research, again the maximum responsible for these qualities would be the compound contained by the tea known as epigallocatequin galate, much more simply known as EGCG.

According to Yun Bai, one of those responsible for this work, “it was proposed that EGCG could help improve cognitive function, impacting the generation of neuronal cells, a process known as neurogenesis.” We focused on a work on the hippocampus area, a part of the brain that processes information from short and long-term memory. ”

“We did two three in two different groups of rodents, one of which received EGCG and a control group, first the mice were trained for three days to discover a platform in a maze, then they trained for seven days to find a Those who received EGCG were the first to find them, “concluded Bai, who in turn pointed out the positive effect that tea had generated when developing their cognitive abilities.

Anyway, we can not lose sight of the fact that this benefit, however useful and interesting, especially for its indication of prevention of neurodegenerative problems, is based on a study done with laboratory animals, not humans.

Diet and tea to improve concentration
Undoubtedly, consuming Xin Yang Mao Jian Tea can come to you with wonders when it comes to having a better neuronal performance and helping your memory. But it is also essential that you incorporate foods that can be good for this purpose, as well as plants that favor concentration. Fruits, vegetables and blue fish, for example, could be good for this purpose.

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