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Green tea, good for acne

good for acne

Once again, the EGCG would be responsible for this property
At this point of the game, you would have to make a monument or something like that to the galate epigallocatechins that green tea has. It is that this antioxidant substance would be responsible for another property of this infusion: combat acne.

If a person pretends to begin to enumerate the potential properties that green tea has, it probably fails in that same moment, since the scientific research advances that are made around this great infusion are increasingly varied. This drink every day adds more benefits to its credit and are so diverse, ranging from being good for cavities, to skin.

Just with the skin you have to see this last property that is awarded to green tea: it would be good to fight acne. How is this? This infusion could be good when it comes to fighting the most common causes of acne. For that reason, do not forget to read this note, where you will find out everything about it.

Why is green tea good for acne?

At least two are the investigations that highlight the properties that green tea would have when it comes to combating acne. The first one was made in South Korea and was made with laboratory animals (more precisely rabbits). The result was more than positive, since they were applied galate epigallocatechins (EGCG) and obtained a reduction of the sebaceous elaboration in the skin.

The second one, also carried out by the same researchers before the evidence shown in the first one, went even further. The application in humans was directly tested and the result again was very satisfactory.

In both cases, the main culprits seem to be, if not, the EGCG, the wonderful antioxidant and all-powerful substances that green tea has. And this would be able to combat the three main causes of acne: the acne bacteria, the excess production of sebum and also the inflammation of the skin. As one would say, round business.

How can green tea be consumed to fight cholesterol?

Simple, consume Organic Superfine Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea like you always do. In any of its formats, the EGCG will help you to combat this problem. However, you can also count on interesting alternatives for external application, such as this green tea and lemon remedy, which is perfect to test the astringency of these two substances, which will help reduce the oiliness of the skin.

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  1. The teas are varied in flavor and the quality seems sufficiently high to warrent the price. Not sure if I will purchase again but am sufficiently happy with the quality and flavor for 4 stars.

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