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Green tea, good for asthma?

good for asthma

Some research is not encouraging about it
For some time it has been said that green tea could be beneficial to combat asthma. However, there are sources that indicate the opposite. For that reason, it is a matter of evaluating both options and see if it is really indicated or not for this problem.

Green tea has for a time now become little more than the universal panacea and the machine to cure any evil. It is true that this drink is wonderful and that its properties multiply by several figures. But it is also true that there is a lot of information circulating that has little or no basis and that can lead people to engage in unhappy behavior.

For example, for a long time you can see by doing a simple search on the internet that green tea could become good for asthma. Some sources indicate that the caffeine in this drink may be good for breathing. But it is also true that it is an infusion that makes the heart work harder and that it can interfere with any medicine that is consumed for these reasons.

In addition, there is recent research that talks about the role of EGCG, the popular galate epigallocatechins of green tea, responsible for many of its properties. These versions indicate that, in certain cases, this substance that contains green tea could generate induced asthma in some cases.

For that reason, it seems that, for now, everything is just a rumor and a very recurring simplification with some natural elements: “it serves for everything”. Something that in no way has to be like that.

So, is green tea good or bad against asthma?

While some time ago the generalized indications and beliefs made it seem that green tea was good for asthma, the latest research has revealed, as you have seen, that EGCG can be harmful in some cases. Being good for allergies does not mean that it also works in these circumstances. Therefore, until there is a more firm investigation on this matter, it is better to refrain from consuming it for these purposes and consult a doctor beforehand.

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  1. Great teas. Have tried nearly all of them and they are delicious and seem true to flavor. Have gotten 3-5 steeps out of ever tea if tried so far. I make 1.7 L of tea at a time and you can barely tell I’ve taken any tea out. Great sampler pack for someone who is trying to decide what type of tea is your favorite (like I was 🙂

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