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Green tea, good for glaucoma and other vision problems

vision problems

Another property to add to the huge list of green tea
You can never finish exhausting the praise for green tea, since its properties seem to be practically endless. In addition to all its best-known benefits, it would also be good for glaucoma and other eye-related problems. Learn more about the subject in this note.

Green tea, today, has become practically a kind of natural pharmacy to counteract and prevent different evils that attack the human being. Mind, body and senses can benefit from this ancestral drink. This is how the view could also be within reach of its majestic properties.

For some time now it has been considered that green tea can be good for the eyes. Even to fight glaucomas. But what is true about these properties? At the moment, neither more nor less than scientific studies that endorse it. Then, better to know what they are treated to have more reasons even in the face of consuming this magical infusion.

Why is green tea good for glaucoma and other vision problems?

According to research conducted in China and led by Dr. Chi Pui Pang, conducted on rodents, green tea could have a great protective effect on the eyesight. And especially with regard to degenerative problems such as glaucoma.

In the first place, everything would be due to the catechins, with the majestic EGCG at the head, as the great antioxidant substances capable of reaching the eye, after being absorbed in the intestional tract. Also vitamin C, vitamin E, lutein and zeaxanthin would have direct influence on this protective effect on the eye against glaucoma and other degenerative problems of sight.

Also the University of Maryland (United States), has included green tea as one of the natural elements that helps fight glaucoma, as well as other antioxidants. This organism recommends consuming it in tablets or, simply, preparing the tea directly from its leaves, as it has been done for centuries, it is followed and will continue to be done.

Today, green tea is an easily accessible product anywhere in the world and not just a well-kept Asian secret. In any supermarket you can get it, you can also buy it online in any of its formats and if you have a tea house with good quality products in your area, well even better. You no longer have any excuses to start consuming it or keep doing it, if you already did it. Green tea is worth more than grief.

Do not forget to consult all the benefits of Bi Luo Chun Green Tea (Pi Lo Chun), as it is always good to know about the greatest number of possible properties that this infusion has. Or do not you like to know in depth what it is that you are consuming?

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  1. All of the tea is really great tasting! Great way to try other tea flavors and not spend a fortune. The only thing I would say is the lids could fit tighter on the can, but it isn’t a big issue for me. I bought it as a gift for my partner and I and it has been great to have around.

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