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Green tea granita

Green tea granita

The granita is a perfect drink for summer, as it is extremely refreshing and can be prepared with various ingredients. If you want one that is also healthy, you can try this recipe, prepared with green tea.

Summer is just around the corner and the options for good drinks at that time of the year increases significantly. Is that some things, extremely refreshing, are for this period and not for others.

A slush, for example, is a drink that may not be entirely suitable for another time of year that is not summer. And if it is green tea, then much better, since it is light, refreshing and perfectly suitable for all those who want to take care of their figure with something rich and healthy. You just have to follow the recipe and prepare it as soon as possible.


  • Two tablespoons of matcha green tea powder
  • Half a liter of water
  • A sprig of mint or spearmint
  • Sweetener allowed to taste


This green tea granita is really easy to prepare. Start by placing the water to be heated, without letting it boil. At about 80 degrees it will be perfect. Mix with the two tablespoons of matcha green tea (when coming in powder, it is perfect for this kind of recipes) and also place the mint branch. Let stand about five minutes and then remove the peppermint. Put the drink, which you will have sweetened to your liking, and take it to the freezer or freezer.

A refreshing recipe for summer

Do not let this green tea-based beverage freeze completely all at once. Ideally, every half hour, go opening, shelling with a fork and so go forming the slush. Once it is ready, you will not have to serve in cold glasses, which can be decorated with a mint leaf. Thus, you will have a drink that you can have ready at every moment of the summer, to be able to have something refreshing when you think of it.

Be sure to try other granita options such as mint and lemon or orange.

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  1. I got this as a gift for Mother’s Day. My mom loves it. When I visited her for that weekend we tasted a lot of favors. They were all good. You are able to brew them more than once too. I will defiantly be buying some for me in a few months.

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