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Green Tea to Combat Allergies

The EGCG of green tea would inhibit certain allergic reactions
If you do not stop marveling at the properties of green tea, you should not miss this article. It is that here you will find the potential anti-allergic effect that the EGCG of green tea would have. Learn more about the topic by reading this note.

tea is one of the most considered drinks in the world and there are no reasons why it is not so. In fact, there are more and more reasons to deify this magical infusion, which has qualities everywhere and that few would resist to consume if they knew them thoroughly.

Within these large applications that has tea, is to be good to treat allergies and combat them. In fact, one of the substances that forms it would have a more than important quality: that of blocking certain products from these seasonal evils that so afflict people. For that reason, you only have to know these benefits.

What are the anti-allergic properties of green tea?

Those responsible for the anti-allergic effect that green tea would have would be, if not, the epigallocatechins gallate that has tea, much more simply known as EGCG. These substances that appear in said infusion, responsible for a good part of their properties, would have the particular ability to block certain components that activate allergies, especially seasonal ones.

The EGCG would activate a defense mechanism against the cells that activate seasonal allergies, releasing histamines and generating the so annoying and common effects that allergy sufferers usually suffer. All this following the data investigated by a study published in 2002 and conducted at Kyushu University (Fukuoka, Japan).

And green tea… Can it generate allergies?

As practically everything, yes. Those people who have habitual allergic reactions or who suffer from allergy to tea in general, should not consume green tea, because this does not stop being a product derived from Camellia Sinensis, the plant from which all varieties of tea are obtained. In any case, they do not seem so common. If you experience a typical allergic symptom when consuming tea, suspend it and consult a specialist.

In this entry on the 25 properties of Jasmine Green Tea ea you can see the entire list of benefits that are attributed to this masterful drink. Do not ever stop marveling at this unique infusion, to which day after day you continue to find interesting things for your health.

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  1. love this tea. I have ordered before and will order it again. its a good variety, and i really like that on the lid it tells you the benefits of each tea.

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