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Homemade green tea frappuccino

green tea frappuccino

A recipe with green tea perfect for the heat
Surely you have ever consumed a coffee frappuccino, a fresh and very tasty drink, but quite caloric. You can try a light version equally delicious, but prepared from green tea. The recipe, in this article.

Green tea, like any drink that gains popularity, is acquiring different formats over time. Some take cold green tea, others with fruits, some use it to prepare smoothies and there are also those who dare with a delicious frappuccino.

Although this is a recipe that was patrimony of coffee, the variants have not been made wait and quietly can be adapted to the noble green tea. You can follow the steps outlined in this preparation, which will give you everything you want from a rich frappuccino, but with much less calories and more health. Perfect to drink well when the hot days come.


Half a cup of milk 0%
Two spoons of milk powder 0%
Two generous spoonfuls of matcha green tea powder
One and a half cups of ice
Some drops of vanilla essence
Stevia or sweetener without calories to taste
Cream whipped light (Optional)

Put matcha powder green tea in a cup, which is much more practical for this recipe. Then incorporate the milk powder, the vanilla essence and also the sweetener you are going to use. Mix well until the ingredients are completely integrated with each other. Meanwhile, grind the ice in a crusher or blender.

Add the liquid milk to the blender with the ice and keep beating a little. Now it will touch to incorporate the mixture that you made with the green tea and to hit him a whipping more. The idea is to be fresh, hailed and with the indisputable color of matcha.

To finish the recipe, if you want to give it the extra touch of the frappuccino, you can add a whipped cream topping. With or without it, you will have a delicious drink, perfect even for those who are not too fond of green tea. And it is apt to give you a taste in the diet.

Where to get matcha green tea?

Although perhaps for some people this name is completely unfamiliar, matcha tea is one of the most popular in Asia. Why? For the simple reason that it comes in powder, it is a kind of soluble tea, as is coffee of its same characteristics.

Thus, it can be added easily to any preparation and is great for drinks like this frapuccino.

When it comes to getting it, the tea shops are, without a doubt, the best option. Maybe, at least in the Spanish-speaking world, you do not find it available in any supermarket. But some businesses with a good sector of imported products can offer it without problems.

Otherwise, you can always buy it online. If you are looking for where to buy matcha green tea online, you just have to visit the shopping section that has teabeau and there you will find options in the country where you live.

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  1. Really lovely teas. Wasn’t 100% sure which teas would be included in it since the description didn’t list the exact names, but when it came all of them sounded great! This made a great present for my parents, although I was expecting the ‘gift box’ to be a bit nicer (and the flat insert had some parts that were torn), but I like that it’s eco-friendly. The actual tea containers are quite cute and can be re-purposed afterwards. All in all, very happy with this purchase, and it was a lot of fun picking out which tea to try each day when I was visiting home.

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