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Refreshment of green tea and passion fruit

green tea and passion fruit

Summer is a good time to experiment with different varieties of tea. The green tea, punctually, goes very well with the acid and sweet flavors of the passion fruit. Together they can form a great refreshment for summer afternoons.

Green tea allows multiple variants at the time of being prepared. In summer, it is very good to drink it cold. And combined with some acidic fruit but with a sweet touch, well much better. This green tea and passion fruit soft drink can be a great option for summer heat afternoons.


  • One liter of green tea
  • The juice and the pulp of three passion fruit
  • Two spoonfuls of grated ginger
  • Ice
  • Sweetener to taste (honey, stevia, molasses, etc.)


Green tea and passion fruit drink

Prepare a liter of Silver Jasmine Green Tea (Mo Li Yin Hao) as you do traditionally and, as soon as you have it ready, you add the two tablespoons of ginger, thus releasing its flavor with the heat of the water. Now add the passion fruit, both pulp and juice. Let it rest until it cools and strains.

Add ice, the sweetener you prefer (if you wish) and you will have a delicious drink ready to be consumed when you want. You can also cheer up with a tropical green tea, very suitable for summer.

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  1. This is a good product however, I do caution consumers to consider if they need this much variety and tea. It takes up quite a bit of space unless you are an avid tea drinker. Additionally, ensure that you have a high-quality steeper as many of these teas include small particles in their mixes.

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