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What are the EGCG of green tea?

EGCG of green tea

Have you ever read in an article about green tea about the epigallocatechin galate? Very complicated name, by the way. Not for nothing do they call them directly EGCG. This substance is the main antioxidant of this infusion. Learn more about her in this article.

Green tea is one of the natural beverages with the greatest medicinal potential in the world, no one doubts that. Is that their properties are increasing every day. And this is not only due to the occurrences of some rant, but to various scientific studies that are carried out around him throughout the world. This is how it is transforming itself into a leading ally for, practically, anything.

Many speak of its antioxidant potential as one of the main powers of green tea. And they have a lot of reason. But where are these properties contained in this rich infusion? While there are many beneficial substances with which it has, the galate epigallocatechins, much more known simply as EGCG are its main supporters.

What are EGCG? They are catechins, antioxidants, with a potential that for now has no ceiling. That is, every day you will find more health benefits, which are really diverse and that would not surprise you that they will be even more in the future, science by means of.

The galate epigallocatechins of tea, its antioxidant potential

While not all of its benefits are clearly proven, it is estimated that they could be more than useful for some circumstances. At the moment, you can take advantage of these EGCG consumption potentially for these things.

  • To control blood glucose
  • For energy expenditure
  • To combat allergies
  • For memory
  • To fight cancer
  • For arthritis
  • For immunity

A curious fact is that EGCG are not present in other varieties of tea, only in green tea. In addition, another interesting question is that high temperatures do not affect their properties. Not for nothing remain unharmed in tea. For that reason, now when you hear or read something about the EGCG of Chun Mei Green Tea (Zhen Mei), do not be scared by that acronym or its strange name. It’s just a good part of what makes you good from that infusion.

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