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What happens if you prepare green tea with boiling water?

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Green tea, an infusion that is drunk without water boiling
Did you know that green tea is a drink that should be drunk without water boiling? It is that he not only changes the composition of the water, but also of the drink. In this article you will learn more about why green tea is better at 80 degrees.

Green tea, without any doubt, has been gaining whole in the world population by force of taste and properties. There are many people who consume it everywhere, but, nevertheless, not everyone knows how to prepare it properly.

How is this? A few days ago there was talk in this same space about how boiling water affects tea. Now it’s time to talk specifically about the problem of preparing green tea at more than 85 degrees Celsius, a fact that even has a supporting scientific research.

In the following paragraphs you can see why you do not need to use water so hot to enjoy a green tea, but quite the opposite. Using hot water at its right point, you will see that you will consume a green tea accordingly, with its flavor, its color and its properties.

Why green tea should not be drunk with boiling water?

According to a study carried out by the University of Zhejiang (China), the temperature affects catechins a lot (substances not only antioxidants of green tea, but also that give color, aroma and flavor) change markedly when exposed to a High temperature.

When the tea is exposed to temperatures between 85 and 120 degrees Celsius, the tea begins to change color, becoming increasingly yellowish, dark, with less flavor and, also, their catechins disappear. And, as has just been pointed out, catechins play an important role in what is green tea, since they are one of its organoleptic and health bases.

This study was carried out mainly thinking of all those who drink tea ready to consume (in bottles and other presentations). This has to be exposed to high temperatures, since it requires a pasteurization process so that bacteria and other possible contamination do not affect it. This is how he ended up discovering all this and coming to the conclusion that Premium Tai Ping Hou Kui Green Tea, much better if prepared at 85 degrees or less.

So, how should you drink a green tea?

As they always say, with a temperature close to 80 degrees Celsius, with two or three minutes of rest and using a good quality tea. This way you will ensure that you will have all your catechins, polyphenols and, of course, all its flavor, aroma and color that corresponds to it.

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  2. Nice tea, nice containers. Got as gift for my daughter to go with “Japanese tea set”. She is a teenager into all things Japanese and likes to occasionally have tea when she sits and draws.

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