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What are the benefits of green tea in old age

benefits of green tea

Undoubtedly, green tea is a source rich in antioxidants that prevent aging, but … did you know that it also helps maintain flexibility and muscle strength in the elderly? Learn about the benefits of daily green tea consumption.

The benefits of green tea continue to be studied by science and acclaimed by its enthusiastic consumers. The truth is that day after day, new research finds more and more reasons, to enjoy this healthy infusion, from the freshest of all teas.

In this case, the study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition and conducted by Japanese researchers, started from previous studies that associate the consumption of green tea with a lower risk of disabling diseases in the elderly, such as cognitive deterioration after a stroke or osteoporosis.

Effects of green tea on muscle strength in older people

However, beyond the results of this research, other properties of green tea have been known for a long time, which are especially beneficial for the elderly.

To name just one of these qualities, it is enough to emphasize that it improves blood circulation, which reduces the incidence of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, green tea is good for the eyes, something that inevitably is lost over the years, along with the teeth, which also favors.

No matter how old you are, green tea has many benefits that you will appreciate when you reach old age, if you start to consume it on a regular basis. At least this is how the investigations that day by day appear to be reported in different scientific media.

You … do you usually consume green tea? What other benefits of green tea for the elderly do you know?

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