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Interactions of green tea

Interactions of green tea

How green tea interacts with food, supplements and other plants
Did you know that green tea interacts with other medicinal plants as well as with food and food supplements, which often include it in their master formulas? Know the interactions of green tea and enjoy without risk of its properties.

That green tea is a rich reservoir of antioxidants in favor of health, there is no doubt.

However, it is also true that the active principles of green tea can interact with other substances present in food, medicinal plants or food supplements, causing unfavorable effects.

Hence, if you are prepared to consume Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder in the usual way. It is necessary that you know their most important interactions.

Most of the interactions of green tea are related to its caffeine content, which although it is lower than in black tea, it is still present in its composition.

Green tea: Interactions Effect

  • Green tea decreases iron absorption
  • Caffeine in green tea boosts the effect of stimulants in general
  • Alcohol slows the elimination of caffeine from green tea
  • Some antibiotics delay the elimination of green tea caffeine, enhancing its effect
  • Estrogens delay the elimination of caffeine from green tea
  • Green tea can reduce the action of folic acid
  • In combination with creatine, green tea may increase its side effects
  • Milk neutralizes the antioxidant effect of tea
  • Green tea enhances the stimulating effect of coffee
  • Green tea potentiates the effect of caffeine present in guarana
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