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Green tea and pineapple cocktail

Green tea and pineapple cocktail

Homemade Green tea and pineapple cocktail drink recipe
One of the interesting things about green tea is that it can be easily combined with various juices. Looking for possible pairings, the pineapple is one of those that feels more than good for the summer. Do you dare to try this great summer cocktail?

Green tea is not only a very healthy infusion for the body, but it is also tasty and can be easily combined with other products. For a summer day, nothing better than combating the heat with a good cold Green tea and pineapple cocktail. A good pairing to chase away the high temperatures.


One liter of green tea prepared strong
A cup of pineapple juice
Sugar or sweetener to taste


Prepare green tea by heating the water to a temperature close to 80 degrees Celsius. Turn off the heat and calculate approximately two tablespoons of tea so that you have a good infusion in one liter of water. Let sit two or three minutes and strain.

Prepare the pineapple juice (if you do not proceed to use a purchased one) and mix it with the green tea, sweetening if it seems necessary. Cool well and drink when you like. You’ll see how good that astringent tea touch remains with the tropical touch of the pineapple.

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