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Green tea and watermelon shake

Green tea and watermelon

Homemade green tea and watermelon smoothie dish
In the summer season absolutely nothing better than taking pleasure in an excellent juice or healthy smoothie to combat the intense heat. And if you can likewise do it hand in hand with the excellent homes that green tea has, well much better. We propose a simple recipe that you can put into practice when you like.

Green tea and watermelon healthy smoothie
That green tea is a drink that has massive residential or commercial properties, is not new. Not everybody likes to consume it simply like that. For those demanding here we propose an intriguing way to take it: a shake with watermelon and some other additives that will make it more yummy.

Active ingredients:

  • Half a liter of ready green tea
  • Two pieces of watermelon or melon
  • Ice
  • The juice of an orange
  • Some leaves of sage or mint
  • Honey or natural sweetener


Start making the tea as you typically prepare it in your house and let it cool. On the other hand, liquefy the watermelon pieces (removing the seeds formerly) or melon with a little ice, the mint leaves or sage as well as the orange juice.

The last action will be to blend both preparations. Or straight serve a little tea and a little the fruit healthy smoothie, beating with a honey additive or natural sweetener. Not just will you be including the properties of green tea, however likewise those of diuretic fruits and the vitamins of a citrus like orange. In addition, it is perfect to fight thirst and heats.

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