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Apple compote and green tea

Apple compote and green tea

Homemade apple and green tea compote dish
Have you ever thought of that the apple compote and green tea could come to make a yummy and simple to prepare dessert, as well as healthy and nutritious? That’s it. This compote that integrates both components, will definitely intrigue you if you are proficient at them.

Both the apple compote and green tea together can make a more than intriguing dessert to enjoy without guilt and at any time, besides being healthy and nutritious. It is a compote that combines both aspects and can be prepared with ease. The recipe, below.


4 green apples
2 tablespoons of brown sugar
Two tablespoons of honey
500 cm3 (two cups) of green tea
Grated lemon peel
Some leaves of mint or spearmint


Start this dish by cleaning the apples well, peeling them and cutting them into segments. Meanwhile, in a saucepan location the sugar and honey over low heat. The concept is to liquify, without getting to caramelize.

When the sugary foods are in liquid format, add green tea and lastly liquify. Include a bit of lemon enthusiasm and also some mint leaves. Between both parts will provide an interesting taste to the preparation.

Include the apples to the compote and cook till they are soft and there is a really small cooking liquid. There you will just need to let cool and serve. If you’re not trying to find something minimized in calories, you can either accompany it with a little whipped cream or ice cream.

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