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Preparation of green tea

Preparation of green tea

Green tea, being one of the most delicate within its species, should not be prepared with too hot water nor does it need an excessive time of rest. In this article we teach you some tricks so that your infusion is perfect, according to the use you want to give it. Green tea has become famous throughout the world because of its great properties, but the truth is that it is a beverage that can be enjoyed for its great taste, beyond the benefits it can bring to our body. There are many varieties of green tea to choose from, each with its own characteristics. but you always have to know how to prepare it. Green tea is one of the freshest and most delicate that exists, this is how it will not require very hot water, nor will it require too much rest time. Ideally, start by heating the teapot (if you are going to use one) with hot water and, in the meantime, get ready to make the infusion.

How to prepare green tea

The times of rest, in these cases, will depend on what you want to obtain. If you want a softer and more delicate flavor, although resigning some properties, the resting time should not exceed three minutes. Otherwise, let it rest for about five minutes in total. Similarly, the water you use to prepare a green tea should never be more than 80 degrees Celsius, since the warmer water will not leave a good taste and oxidize the leaves. It is advisable to use mineral water to preserve the purity and, if you wish, you can add honey, sugar, lemon or milk to the infusion, although it is always better to consume it in its most natural state.

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