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Green tea and vitamin B1

vitamin B1

vitamin B1 and green tea the magnificent properties has for the organism have already been widespread. But the truth is that it also has a substance that prevents the total use of thiamines, which are found in vitamins B1, essential for the functioning of the nervous system. For this reason, it is necessary to take precautions with the excessive consumption of this tea.

Green tea has unequivocally become one of the main natural sources when looking for totally healthy benefits. Its consumption has increased by leaps and bounds in the world and its use already greatly exceeds its original habitat. It is not surprising, given the wonderful powers it has. But the truth is that green tea contains some contraindications.

One of them has to do directly with the use of vitamin B1. Green tea, like some raw fish, have a high percentage of a substance called FAT, which prevents the total absorption of thiamine, a key part of this vitamin.

Thiamine acts directly on the central nervous system, allowing the assimilation and degradation of carbohydrates, thus playing an important role. Its low consumption or lack of use can lead to fatigue, poor mental performance and also depression.

The truth is that Orientals have a diet with a huge amount of Premium Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea and raw fish. Therefore, there they have found a solution to this problem. For that very reason, we refer to the words expressed by the specialists of
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Relationship between green tea and vitamin B1

For this reason, avoiding excessive consumption or resorting to allithiamine may be important issues to alleviate the malabsorption of thiamine that green tea produces.

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