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Longjing green tea, a timeless

Longjing green tea

Longjing green tea, without a doubt, is one of the indisputable classics, within the Chinese culture of green tea. Produced in the province of Zhejiang, this tea is characterized by being toasted, previously, in a fry pan and for having a high fermentation, compared with others of its very same kind.

China is a country, where green tea varieties are the order of the day. There big amounts are produced and some reach greater levels than others. A fascinating case is that of Longjing tea, maybe one of the most popular because nation.

Presently, there are 7 various grades of Longjing, a tea that is reaching high levels, within the production. The tea is roasted in a pan, which produces a differential fermentation which is remembered in the taste.

Longjing green tea from China

By the way, this Premium Dragon Well Long Jing Green Tea is defined as a soft, gentle fragrance, a balanced taste and yellow-green.

it is a special choice for anyone who enjoys a wide range of styles and styles of green tea.

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