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Kukicha green tea

Kukicha green tea

Kukicha green tea is one of the many varieties of green tea, which are born in Japan. It sticks out for having a flavor similar to Rooibos, that African plant so commercialized in the whole world, under the name of ‘red tea’.

In addition, it has a low protein content.

Kukicha green tea is one of the favorite green tea ranges within Japanese territory. Acquired from some leftovers and branches of the Camellia Sinensis plant, this type of green tea is very similar to the taste of particular red tea.

Kukicha tea with a slightly creamy flavour, with a nutty flavour, suitable for drinking at 70-80 degrees Celsius.

Green tea Kukicha from China

Everybody agrees that Kukicha tea is exceptional for all type of macrobiotic diets. That’s because it’s a real antioxidant drink.

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