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Bancha green tea, one of the most common in Japan

Bancha green tea

Bancha green tea from Japan
Bancha green tea is one of the most common green teas in Japan. Belonging to the second litter of Sencha, this tea between summer and autumn. Within its style, there are 22 different graduations, so it can not be a minor beverage, far from it.

Bancha green tea is one of the most typical that can happen in Japan. The most common thing is that when you drink green tea there, you are drinking a Bancha. This tea belongs to the second litter of the Sencha harvest, which occurs between summer and autumn.

It of lower rank than the Sencha, but, anyway, it has 22 different grades within the same variety. As you can imagine, the superior ones are of excellent quality, with a unique flavor and an excellent organic aroma.

The most common when drinking Bancha is to leave the leaves inside the teapot for about 30 seconds, this time can be extended up to two minutes later. After that time, if the water was also ready, it will prevent the tea from oxidizing.

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