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Gunpowder Green Tea


Gunpowder Green tea from China
Gunpowder Green tea bears its peculiar name because its appearance is similar to that of gunpowder used for cannons time ago. But do not be afraid for its taste as it does not seem at all to anything related to it. It is one of the oldest and most famous green teas in China.

Gunpowder Green Tea
Gunpowder Green tea has a very particular name, that’s for sure.

What does gunpowder have to do with this? It turns out that the aspect of this tea is very similar to the powder used in the cannons long ago. But nothing more than that it is one of the most famous drink in China.

This variety of green tea obtained by wrapping the leaves of the drink, to allow better its conservation and the preservation of its aromatic qualities.

Although this process through machinery, the highest quality and, therefore, more sought-are manually wound. When choosing it, it is recommended to lean on the brightest leaves, as it reveals its freshness.

Its origin goes back to the Tang dynasty, between the years 618 and 907, although it was in Taiwan where it was first employed. Anyway, today in the whole world.

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