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Hojicha, another variety of Japanese green tea


Japanese green tea Hojicha
The green tea known as Hojicha is one of the types of that kind of beverages more peculiar. It turns out that for its final processing it requires being roasted with charcoal, which differentiates it from the other ranges. Its origin is Japanese, and it is widespread to serve it in sushi restaurants to accompany that meal.

Hojicha Green tea from Japan
The Hojicha green tea is a variety of Japanese origin that is characterized by having a difference concerning the others: its processing finished when it is roasted with charcoal, differing of the other types of green tea.

The leaves, after that toasting process, charge a color that goes from green to reddish brown. It made from natural green tea leaves. First, this process took place in Kyoto but then spread to the rest of Japan. Today it is widespread to serve in sushi restaurants and drink before bedtime.

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