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Sencha, the Japanese ‘ Broiled Tea ‘


Japanese green tea Sencha
The Sencha is one of the many varieties of green tea produced in Japan. It is one of the most commonly provided in that region. It is by exposing the leaves directly to the sun, avoiding any grinding. It is a tea that gets a particular flavor, which at times can be a parent with green leafy vegetables.

Tea in Japan acquires a lot of variants, being one of the leading producers and, also, one of the largest consumers of traditional beverage. So it is no coincidence that there are different varieties of it.

The Sencha is one of the most popular Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder types within Japan. It is from the whole leaf of tea, without any grinding process.

Initially, this method to achieve Sencha tea from China, where it was before. But it was in Japan where it reached its most significant success. Some say that when served, the leaves swell, resembling aroma, flavor and appearance to a sheet of green vegetable.

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