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The best ways to prepare a green tea

prepare a green tea

Prepare a green tea, like the other ranges of tea, has its unique shape. Everybody encourages that to get the finest out of its taste, do not utilize boiling water or leave it at rest for a long time, to get its most exceptional homes it is needed to have more substantial contact with water. Find out how to prepare green tea.

How to prepare a green tea has its peculiarities that can be helpful for you to obtain the very best of the beverage.

For instance, if what you need is to get the very best properties for the health of the tea, the indicated thing is to make an infusion of an extended period, more significant than five minutes, since that is how the catechins launch their qualities. You must also aim to utilize water that is not too heavy. Even the very best would be that you decide to use mineral water.

Preparation of green tea

On the contrary, if what you need is to prepare an exceptional green tea however to enjoy the best of its fragrances and flavors, the infusion should be made with water without boiling (70-80 degrees Celsius will be perfect) and it needs not to have more than two or 3 minutes of rest, at most.

it always in the very same teapot, preheated with little boiling water that you then throw before placing the tea. Remember to help with a colander and choose to invite your visitors with honey, sugar, milk or lemon if they need it, although it is much better to drink it “al natural.” Always prepared from a good green tea in hairs.

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