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White tea and its skin properties

White tea and its skin properties

White Tea and skin benefits
White tea, having a large number of polyphenols, is considered one of the most antioxidant teas. Besides, he thinks he’s the best for the skin. In this way, its constant consumption can help to combat the aging of the complexion and to provide notable properties for this area.

As you must be aware, white tea is not one of the most penetrated in the world market.

Among those benefits it contributes, is to be very useful to the skin.

Why white tea is good for the skin

The great secret of its rejuvenating effect lies in the fact that it is a tea that has no fermentation, which makes it possible for the healing properties of the catechins to remain intact.

Study: Benefit of white tea for the production of elastin
Do you want to know if there are scientific studies that demonstrate this benefit? Of course, there are, there are studies that were conducted at the University of Kingston in England, which ended by checking its effectiveness to combat wrinkles.

This fact can be of great importance. It seems that the properties of white tea collaborate with the production of elastin and collagen, two of the most important structural proteins.

This research team asked among the properties of more than twenty plants and herbs, resulting in white tea as the highest anti-aging capacity, ended up proving.

“Elastin maintains the natural elasticity of the body, which helps the lungs, arteries, ligaments, and skin to function properly.

Other benefits of white tea

Also, of the aforementioned benefits, white tea is also useful for:

Protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.
It offers high protection against the weary effect on the skin produced by free radicals.
A scientific study that proves these benefits

In this research, we studied the topical application of cream of white tea extract.

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