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5 Benefits of white tea for your hair to grow healthy and strong

5 Benefits of white tea for your hair to grow healthy and strong

An extra benefit
In general, to hear about the benefits of white tea for health. But it can also be beneficial for beauty. In this case, you will discover how to benefit of white tea so that your hair grows healthy and active.

Although all the varieties of tea from Camellia sinensis have the same medicinal properties, it is true that each of them highlights some qualities.

But what about white tea?

Scientifically it is shown that white tea due to its high antioxidant power can reverse some of the adverse effects that aging, modern lifestyle and pollution produce in the body and mind.

The amazing benefits of white tea for your hair

It will help you grow faster: according to the data obtained in a study conducted by Korean scientists, the catechins EGGG, can stimulate hair production.
For good results, massages on the scalp daily with freshly brewed tea. Will help increase blood circulation in the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

Prevents dandruff and avoids itching: white tea has a potent anti-inflammatory effect.
According to the scientists, this is beneficial not only to prevent dandruff but also to alleviate the symptoms of psoriasis.

Also, the pure ingredients present in white tea help to eliminate dead cells and impurities that can block the capillary follicles. Prevents blockage and allows hair to grow again.

Level the PH of the scalp: For this reason, it is beneficial if you have dry or greasy hair because it normalizes the production of fat.
If you have oily hair, the tea will act as an astringent and regulate the production of fat avoiding the accumulation of it. Tea will work nourishing and moisturizing your hair, preventing dryness and the formation of dandruff.

It will leave your hair with a lot of shine: This variety of tea is very rich in polyphenols, vitamin C and E, which can help you to have shiny and soft hair. Also, it will protect you against damage caused by ultraviolet rays.
It will prevent the tips from the opening: The panthenol found in white tea is very useful in avoiding open ends, says cosmetology studies.

How you can use white tea to benefit your hair

There are two ways basically that you can use this tea to give more vitality and beauty to your hair.

Preparing homemade recipes, I counted white and made you rinse with your infusion.
Using cosmetics that contain it as an ingredient.
White tea hair Rinse recipe
You’re going to need:

2 to 3 tea bags (or 2 to 3 tablespoons of tea in strands)
6 cups water
Heat the water and when boiling pour on the tea bags or strands. Leave the tea at rest until it cools down.


Apply the tea rinse to clean, wet hair. Wrap the hair and allow the tea to penetrate for 10 minutes. Massage gently, then rinse and apply a conditioner, if desired.

If you want to have more shiny hair, save some tea and place it on a sprinkler. Spray the nose several times a day.
Other cosmetics based on white tea

(Bai Hao Yin Zhen) Organic Nonpareil Silver Needle White Tea is the least processed of all teas, and it possesses the highest levels of antioxidants. These antioxidants help to protect the hair from the aggressions of the climate ¨ said about it one of the managers of the firm.

Have you prepared a white tea rinse for your hair?

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