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Puerh White Tea

puerh white tea

Puerh White tea is one of the most challenging varieties to achieve with that kind of tea. And more expensive, by the way. Is that it in a region of the China where it grows in the heights, in smaller proportions and that requires a tremendously intense manual work.

Puerh White tea is one of the most difficult varieties of white tea to find.

Why? It requires a whole manual craft process that makes it a tea that takes a lot of work in its production and everything is made with the hands of the workers.

This variety of white tea that grows in the heights of the mountains of the Chinese province of Yunnan rewards all the work and the high cost that it has a unique and unrepeatable flavor. It has an exquisite fragrance and a sweetness that make it real nectar within the world of white tea. Do you know him?

This type of tea from the large and tender leaves buds of the assámica variety of Camellia sinensis and old tea trees located in Yunnan.

This process results in a new flavor, characterized by softness and sweetness, but with notes of honey from wildflowers and pepper.

Puerh White tea from China

This variety of tea after a county located in the south of Yunnan province.

There are two types of Puerh White tea: the Sheng, “green ” or “crude ” and the Shou, ¨ maduro¨o ¨ cooked ¨. Historically, Puerh tea has been created in a crude form and was subsequently tested and elaborated with cooked Pu-erh.
Masala Chai
It takes years of aging to achieve a quality Pu-erh. The older it tastes, the better it has.

It can keep its aroma, flavor, and properties for decades.

Is that this variety of tea has a considerable acceptance and demand on the part of the public.

The ripe Pu-erh is usually much darker than the crude Pu-erh and often softer flavor. Some 2014 Organic White Peony (Bai MuDan) Tea when they are very young can be very astringent.

This feature over time. Both processing processes and their subsequent obtention of each beverage in China. Beyond flavor, for its soothing, digestive and detoxifying properties unmatched by other teas.

If you are a fan of the world of tea, surely you must have tried this delicious kind of tea, but if you have not done so try and see that you will not regret. Its taste and aroma delight your senses.

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