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Tea Bai Hao Yinzhen, a multi-award-winning tea

Tea Bai Hao Yinzhen, a multi-award-winning tea

White tea Bai Hao Yinzhen from China
The white tea Bai Hao Yinzhen (sometimes known directly by his last name) is a tea of China that by being one of the best in the world in its kind. Super-limited production, which makes it a rather expensive tea, has gotten a lot of awards over time. It is also believed to be very good for health.The white tea is known as Yinzhen (although his full name is Bai Hao Yinzhen) is a great variety of that kind so precious lately. The Yinzhen has been awarded many times and is considered an excellent quality tea.

Its production center in Fujian Province, one of the largest tea producing areas in the world. There, the Yinzhen is elaborated on a small scale, being only a few owners who are in a position to provide it.

For that reason, tea tends to have very high prices, as it is quite difficult to achieve. Did you know?

The reputation of Yinzhen white tea is excellent. Mainly if the tea has between March 15 and April 10, the dates where it usually does not rain. There, only the leaves that are not damaged at all.

Special characteristics of this tea

The collection of its leaves for its later process is very demanding. To obtain a high-quality tea, it is necessary that this compound of great healthy buds and intact leaves.

When subjected to boiling water, the sprouts should take a light green color immediately, to prove that they have. The color of the infusion should be pale yellowish.

This beverage has an aroma reminiscent of freshly-opened flowers. Its flavor is very particular; it is not at all astringent like that of other varieties of Camellia sinensis. It is of gentle and persistent sweetness.

The buds are meticulously separated from the mother plant and then deployed in a single layer on a bamboo tray.
They will then in the sun until 70% of their humidity.

The extinction process inside when the buds are subjected to heat from the fire.
The drying of this tea is given at shallow temperature to preserve the white color of its buds. If it to high temperatures, the yolks may take yellow color.
Unlike green tea, white tea is never taken to steam to kill the enzymatic action that causes oxidation.
Instead, the oxidation of the leaves by its lack of moisture.
The drying process is very long and gradual. Therefore slight oxidation of the leaves (or buds) will naturally occur. With this small amount of oxidation, the color of Organic Bai Hao (White Downy) Green Tea is not as pure as it should be.
It that it is because of it that it has properties that can be anti-carcinogenic.

So you have more than enough reasons to try this delicious tea if you haven’t done it yet.

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