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The white tea of Malawi, a curiosity worth discovering

The white tea of Malawi, a curiosity worth discovering

Africa also produces excellent quality tea
Did you know that Malawi is also a country producing excellent tea? This small African terroir is not limited to producing conventional varieties, but even gives the luxury of creating some good white Tea during the year. Know a little more about him in this note!

Do you have any idea where Malawi is? It is a small African country located to the southwest of that continent and, like some others of that continent (being Kenya perhaps the most notable), produces teas of excellent quality.

In Malawi, you get an excellent white tea bill, without going any further. So do not forget to read the rest of the note and learn a little more about one of the most reputed varieties of the House. Don’t miss it!

How do you get it?

white tea of Malawi is not a matter of thousands of years ago as in Asia, but somewhat recent. In the 1950s, some shrubs of Assam were introduced into the region to see how they and the answer were Optimal. Is how this country began to develop more TEA. At first, they dedicated themselves to producing tea in Sachets. But little by little they were incorporating new varieties, like white Tea.

Generally known as Silver Antlers (although not the only variety of white tea of Malawi), these are artisanally collected leaves, of well young buds (following the characteristics of this variety) and that is quite similar to the YinZhen, known as Silver Needles. Delicate from every point of VIEW.

What are its characteristics of flavor and aroma?

Like any other white tea, its flavor is quite delicate. You can find fruit and floral profiles, but also a hint of earthy. Some even find aromas and flavors close to butter, which denotes softness.

What time is it going well?

Being a soft Rose Silver Needle Chamomile White Tea, it can go well for any time of the Day. He has specific doses of caffeine, but he’s not a black tea either.

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