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As is the white tea and that properties have

As is the white tea and that properties have

What is white tea and what are its benefits?
In the world of tea, white is gaining prominence. Although green tea is the favorite and red is still in the preferences, the interest in white keeps growing. Find out what white tea is like and what properties it has to make this possible.

White tea, the Benjamin of the Camellia sinensis family, captures new adepts day after day, despite not being so accessible, compared to other types of tea.

The reason for the high price of white tea is due, in part, to its scarce availability, because it is obtained only from buds and leaves tender, dried in the sun and processed to avoid its oxidation. However, this characteristic also determines a much higher antioxidant power, even than that of green tea.

Do you need more reasons to start drinking it?

How do you prefer to eat white tea? What is your experience with this type of tea?

The appearance of white tea is a paler color than green tea and its softer and sweeter taste. On the other hand, outbreaks by concentrating all the active principles of Camellia sinensis. Hence the properties of white tea are similar to those of green tea.

In any case, white tea not only offers you benefits for your health, as there is also a cosmetics made with white tea, based on the excellent properties for the skin, which can contribute to your complexion.

As if it were not enough, the anti-aging effects of 2016 Organic White Peony (Bai MuDan) Tea antioxidants add to the impact Quemagrasas, which make it an infusion to take into account, whether you need to lower the cholesterol, as if you are urged to lose weight.

Both alternatives will bring you excellent properties.

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