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Have you ever tried the white tea?

Have you ever tried the white tea

White Tea, originating in the high mountains of China of Fujian province, is a green tea which is only collected buds, until they open, that arise at the beginning of the spring.

How is the white tea grown?
Its color is pale green with beautiful white hair (hence its name). That’s when all the energy and all the nutrients from the plant on the shoots.

His collection is a true work of “chinos” and that will need thousands of shoots, collected by hand, to obtain a small amount of tea. ” Then left to dry outdoors, on cloths of silk, to evaporate the water and remain, on the other hand, all its properties.

It is a drink that you can take every day in addition to a pleasant taste has a host of benefits to our body.

Properties of white tea

White tea is much more effective than green tea since it contains three times more polyphenols (a potent antioxidant that helps to increase our defenses and collaborates in combating free radicals).

Protects against cavities thanks to the fluorine
Fight physical and mental fatigue. It increases the capacity for concentration and memory.
It has half of the caffeine than green tea which is more recommended for people more nervous or need not that exciting effect.
Ideal diets anti-obesity since it has no calories is very pleasant, increases our energy, is gently diuretic and promotes the Elimination of fats.
It is a good ally for cardiovascular diseases because of lower levels of LDL cholesterol (the “malo” “) and triglycerides.

White tea and anti-aging benefits
The production of white tea has been one of the best-kept secrets for centuries since it was a tea exclusively for the Emperor and his associates. The everyday people not should benefit from this tea saying that you contributed to immortality. Worth to try it was death.

White tea, Pu-erh,black tea like and most of the Teas, usually get in health food stores, natural foods stores or those specialized in the sale. (It is possible that in some countries even you are not). However, perhaps you can find where to buy 2016 Organic White Peony (Bai MuDan) Tea in your region.


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