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Properties of white tea in front of the green tea

Properties of white tea in front of the green tea

Properties of white tea vs. Green Tea Properties
White tea by having a unique manufacturing process, where it does not apply too much heat and does not roll its leaves. Also, it is considered an excellent antiviral and natural antibacterial. What do you expect to try this great tea?

White tea from young tea leaves and its production process is given through the application of low temperatures and without the need to roll its leaves. The key, it seems, is that fresh leaves ripen naturally with minimal oxidation levels.

Properties of White tea has proven to be, compared to green tea, much more useful for treating viruses and bacteria. Also, other studies that have assessed their composition, about green tea, although more gallic acid and less caffeine. The latter is mainly due to the very young leaves and, for that stay, the concentration of caffeine is lower.

Properties of White tea, also, according to the same studies, has revealed to have less amount of fluorine than green tea. And the reason is also the youth of its leaves. It is worth clarifying that high fluoride levels in tea can put consumers ‘ health at risk.

For all that, there are compelling reasons to drink (Bai Hao Yin Zhen) Organic Nonpareil Silver Needle White Tea. Also, it has that cosmetics with white tea protects the face against the external aggressions.

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