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White Tea Allergy

White Tea Allergy

White tea Allergy, a side effect
White tea is a variety of ordinary tea that is cultivated exclusively in some provinces of China. This tea contains active ingredients that can cause specific side effects, such as allergies.

Although white tea has different medicinal benefits, such as its effects, or its properties to protect the heart. It may also present specific contraindications or side effects, although these are not as frequent as in other tea varieties.

Allergic effects of white tea

White tea allergy can cause some respiratory, in people predisposed to this type of allergies, because the dust of this tea can become an allergen. It can enter through the respiratory tract and cause symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, postnasal drip, etc.
When drinking white tea, the tannins that contain the tea can also cause specific allergic reactions in susceptible people, causing rashes on the skin.
Although the side effects of white tea are not so frequent, it is essential that you consider them to be attentive to the first allergic symptoms you feel; Especially if you have a history of diseases of this nature.

If you want to drink white tea it is essential that before you do it, consult your doctor. Once you have obtained your approval, don’t forget to learn how to prepare the (Mo Li Yin Zhen) Jasmine Silver Needle White Tea both hot and cold. If you know its side effects, you can make better use of its therapeutic virtues.

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